Jean Luc Godard : 2 or 3 Things I Know About Her (1967)

Mindfulness meditation in 2 or 3 Things I Know About Her (1967), I think this film is so great, watch it.

“But first of all, what is an object?

Maybe an object is what serves as a link between subjects, allowing us to live in society, to be together.

But since social relations are always ambiguous, since my thoughts divide as much as unite, and my words unite by what they express and also isolate by what they omit, since a wide gulf separates my subjective certainty of myself from the objective truth others have of me, since I constantly end up guilty, even though I feel innocent, since every event changes my daily life, since I always fail to communicate, to understand, to love and be loved, and every failure deepens my solitude, since–

Since. Since I cannot escape the objectivity crushing me, nor the subjectivity expelling me, since I cannot rise to a state of being nor collapse into nothingness, I have to listen, more than ever I have to look around me, at the world, my fellow creature, my brother.

Say that the limits of language are the world’s limits, that the limits of my language are my world’s limits, and that when I speak, I limit the world, I finish it. And one inevitable and mysterious day, death will come and abolish these limits, and there will be no questions nor answers. It will all be a blur.

But if by chance things come into focus again, it may only be with the advent of conscience. Everything will follow from there.”

What do you think?

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