On finding your home –

Yoga has never been easy for me and I vividly remember feeling like I would never find downward facing dog comfortable or that I would never be able to do a headstand.  I took my first yoga “class” not by choice, not that I was forced to, but I was so young that yoga was just part of my set schedule for the day, and yoga was not a “practice;” it was just fun. Yoga was and still is a place to explore my body and let go of my thoughts. Each time that I find myself on my mat, no matter where I may have rolled it out, I am home, and I am safe. And I am so thankful for that.

I want everyone to be able to feel this way. My hope is for the yoga studio to be truly a safe space, free from judgement, free from preconception, free from fear. And this is why it is so important to find your breath, and to stay with your breath throughout your practice. If you came to your mat to find peace, if you came to get a good workout, even if you came just to be with your friend or significant other, focusing on your breath will get you closer to what you came here for–your whole body and mind will be present to be there for your friend, or to contribute fully to your workout. Focusing on your breath will calm your mind so that you can find peace.  So when you find yourself looking around the room in your yoga class, comparing yourself to the other students, or even if you are practicing alone at home and you find your thoughts wandering, bring yourself back to your breath. Use that focus to be like a child in a yoga class – curious and without preconception about what you can or cannot do. Free from fear and free from judgement. Then you will find yourself, and then you will be home.


2 thoughts on “On finding your home –

  1. Thanks for your reminder to focus on my breath. I am returning to yoga for the umpteenth time this month and finding my slower, more compassionate approach to be very pleasureable.

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